No one can sell fried chicken quite like Colonel Sanders can.

KFC Philippines announced that it will soon introduce the “first Filipino Colonel Sanders,” the fried chicken magnate whose face appears on the logo of the popular finger-lickin’ brand.

The video shared on the KFC Philippines Facebook account showed three veteran Filipino actors hawking chicken as they auditioned for the role.

Colonel Harland David Sanders was the chicken genius who famously built the global fast food brand KFC when he was 65 years old.

Pacquiao might be too young but let’s not forget he’d be down for the cause.

Where is this guy?

“He stands about six feet tall and weighs two hundred pounds. He has white hair, a white mustache, and a white goatee, and he always wears a white suit, a white shirt, a black string tie, and black shoes,” the KFC Colonel was described on a 1970 article by The New Yorker.

We can only conclude that he sells chicken well.

Some of the actors who have played Colonel Sanders are Rob Lowe, Billy Zane, George Hamilton, Norma Macdonald, and Jim Gaffigan.

China had dibs in the chicken guy.

The finalists of a lookalike contest to imitate KFC founder Harland Sanders (‘Colonal Sanders’) Six players were selected from more than 5, 000 people across the country to participate the finals
Beijing, China – 15.04.07
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Credit: WENN

Can’t be so weird since gold Colonel Sanders or Tan Colonel Sanders on Vacay.









Why not the children too?

KFC Philippines will reveal the details of the campaign on May 29.

In the meantime, watch the full video below:

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