It is perfectly normal to adore your pet and treat it like it is your own child.

But one Australian swimsuit company has taken pet love to a bizarre new level by offering beachwear with your favourite animal emblazoned on the front.

Custom swimwear provider Petflair has set tails wagging by printing photos of pets onto bikinis, bags, towels, budgie smugglers and accessories as part of a very eccentric fashion trend.

Pet lovers wanting a snapshot of their forever friend displayed in technicolour on their person while out on the beach or at the pool can order it from their mobile phones.

Petflair, which recently launched on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, is owned by three Sydney entrepreneurs and prints its pet designs from a supplier in Europe.

Co-founder Tyler, who plays water polo for Australia, devised Petflair after his swimwear business was asked to print a dog on a swimsuit last year.

Customers simply have to snap a photo of their furry best friend on their mobile device, upload the picture to Petflair and choose a colour and pattern for their piece.

And 25 per cent of the sales from the outrageous new swimwear fad go to Pound Paws, a charity which helps to re-home pets on death row.

Hilarious snapshots of Petflair products show models posing with their beloved pets while wearing matching swimsuits and towels.

Some popular pets chosen for the peculiar swimwear trend includes dogs, cats and rabbits.

Petflair has raised over $10,000 from their Kickstarter page, promising custom-made items for all those who pledged cash if they reach their $15,000 goal.

Words by Laura House for DailyMail

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