L.A. electro-pop group The Heirs first gained recognition from their popular run on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. You may have seen them perform on the Vans Warped Tour recently or read about them in Teen Vogue magazine. The much buzzed band, is a must-see live according to MTV News. We were able to chat with them between their busy schedule.

How did The Heirs form into a full band?
The Heirs was originally just a writing and production project consisting of myself and Savannah. We had a lot of content that we were sitting on and realized that we wouldn’t be achieving our full end goal if we didn’t form a band and play the songs live with our own flair. After several months of regrouping and scouting our friends for possible members, the band quickly came together and now here we are.

What are your go-to brand choices of gears for performances?
We love our Roland Electronics! From vintage synths in the studio to drum pads on stage, Roland is definitely our family brand. When it comes down to bass/guitars, we are almost exclusively Fender. The traditionally classic yet new sounds that come out of our Stratocasters, Mustangs and Jaguars are our first picks.

What have been the most yet memorable experience you’ve had so far as a band?
Touring is our favorite thing; seeing new, eager faces every night and sharing our art with friends is the best feeling ever! There is such a rare emotion that is shared during live shows, it’s a feeling that exists solemnly within the moment. People are emotionally invested into sounds that we are creating in front of them and we collectively share an emotion together – then it’s simply gone until the next show.

What was the inspiration behind “What You Want”?
“What You Want” was a song created in a time of creative struggle. We had an intense writing schedule, creating sometimes because we had to rather than because we wanted to. We had a conversation about viewing the big picture of our experiences from afar and realized what we needed to do and what we needed to create as a band. “What You Want” happened easily and we knew that it was definitely something we wanted to move forward with. We felt like we really found our sound!

What do you have in store for the near future?
We have an EP in the works for the spring and a lot of shows to follow that! We can’t begin to express our overall excitement towards everything that is coming up! We have several videos coming soon and a lot of new music. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on our socials @theheirsmusic and our website www.theheirsmusic.com.

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