To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika, Identical twin sisters, are Fashion Designers, Entrepreneurs & CEOs of SACHIKA. Born in Paris, from Vietnamese parents, To-Tam & To-Nya grew up in Montreal, Canada, from a large family of 6 children where they both individually excelled in Arts. From a young age, the duo tandem knew they would be building, crafting and creating Art. To-Nya, the lefty and the Designer, graduated from the International Academy of Design at the top of her school with an associate degree in Fashion Design.

Their designs were found in large department stores such as Femme De Carriere, Holt Rentfrew, The Bay, Sears, Reitsmans, Eaton’s, Zellers and Winners. In the U.S., the Sachika twin’s designs were bought by GUESS, MARCIANO, TARGET, ARDEN B, CHARLOTTE RUSSE, STRAWBERRIES and sold at MACY’S, NORDSTROM and LORD & TAYLOR.

1. How would you describe SACHIKA in less than 140 characters?

A leading Fashion Brand catered to the Modern Woman who is fierce, independent, confident & knows whats she wants. The focus is on key-pieces in a woman’s wardrobe that are comfortable, sexy, sophisticated and enhances a woman’s shape.

2. You have a successful boutique in Montreal and also had a huge store in Los Angeles, what have you learned from the retail store business?

Retail business is all about consistency, novelty & customer service. Being able to consistently deliver unique products that meet the requirements of everyday’s changing market. The Fashion cycle changes rapidly therefore, we always have to stay on our toes, alert, ready to adjust to market changes, delivering superior quality then other retailers. Each sale, each customer is important and should be treated like a friend, a family member, wth utmost respect and care. It’s all in the details. We only employ passionate individuals who love, eat, breathe fashion, like we do.

3. What is your go-to sewing machine brand and creative software into designing your lines? What is your process into making a design?

We love working with Japanese sewings machines like JUKI. It’s nice to have access to creative softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator and the internet as to ways to make designing and getting inspired easier. There are no required tools to be creative and the process is never set in stone. When the inspiration and creative juice flow, there is no stopping is making our design come to life!

4. You often cross-pollinate music and film into fashion, what inspire your visual and sonic ideas?

Behind every collection, every garment, there is a story & a muse therefore, it is only natural for us to incorporate visuals and music into our shows. It makes the experience fuller and it immerses our audience into our world, our imagination.

5. What can we look forward from you in the near future?

SACHIKA is present in both the American & Canadian markets, we are working on expanding to European market as well.


In 2014, SACHIKA has opened their 1st flagship store in located in the trendy Mile-End of Montreal, their hometown. In 2015, the SACHIKA TWINS opened their 2nd store called Mansiion, in the Westfield Culver City Mall, California. In 2016, SACHIKA created a new dress concept called “mechanical click” a dress that can be converted into an infinite number of dresses, by snapping and clicking different pieces. Mechanical Click is the For the Modern Woman, busy on the go, who is in charge and can get creative by simply clicking away…!

Stay tuned for more updates!


Check out one of their fashion shows:

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