Years before VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop, was a trio signed to the illustrious Russell Simmons under his imprint RSMG in conjunction with Def Jam Recordings. Amina Buddafly was amongst the sisterly R&B group, Black Buddafly, with her own two siblings from Germany, Jazz and Sophie.  She has long began her solo career after the label’s closing their doors, followed by a myriad of managers and tours.

In 2017, she launched a new book and a new EP readily available for fans to devour.  Amina also made her final appearances on the reality show that brought her back into the limelight. In her new space in the West Coast, AllThingsCool.TV got a glimpse through her mind.

1. How would you describe yourself in less than 140 characters?

I would say what most people who know me say about me,  I’m a sweet, loving , free and open minded, confident humble, and talented , beautiful woman who loves hard and is very forgiving. Someone who considers freedom happiness and who will always put her daughters before anything else.

2. You’ve recently released a book called “The Other Woman”, which in terms, is celebrated and at the same time, being frown upon in our society, what is your opinion regarding modern love?

Well as I said in my book, for me there has always  been another woman in the picture when I think back on my dating history and my relationship history. Yet has become almost normal that men have more than one woman and any woman who doesn’t get cheated on is a lucky girl! Hopefully I can become that lucky girl one day. I know men will always be men but I love the concept of being faithful to each other in a relationship and especially marriage. 

3. You’ve also released an EP, “Music in My Room”, can you please breakdown the creativity and inspirations behind the songs on the album?

I talk about that in my book, and everyone should get a copy. Each song came out of a different situation and are related to different men and/or a business relationship. They all mean so much to me because each song was written from the heart which I can proudly say the majority of my music is that.

4. What are your go-to gears when performing on stage or while recording? From instruments to softwares.

I use Logic to record my vocals. I started in Pro Tools when I first learned engineering but I always would run out of tracks because of my harmony filled vocal arrangements. So once I learned Logic, I loved it and I never went back. I also started doing my first beats in Logic. Instruments? I would say, just my Takamine acoustic and a Yamaha 88 heavy weighted keyboard. A good mic, monitors, a great Sandman, and I can play a full concert.

5. Since you’ve moved to Los Angeles, would you join Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood? 

This seems to be the most asked question these days. I would not say never but as of right now I’m not really focused on getting on another reality show unless it would be about me and my music and my kids, my life basically.

6. They’ve been confirmation online that you and Peter are to be on WeTV’s Marriage Bootcamp, when can we expect the show to air? 

Have there? Well this haven’t come from us so I cannot elaborate.

7. What can we look forward from you this year? More book tours? Performances? TV?

This year is all about my first book, and my new EP that I just released, getting out there and perform as much as I can, meet my fans and stay connected. Also getting back into the studio with other producers to possibly write for established artists. I would love to get into acting a little, even though I’ve been hesitant about that. A few casting directors have come up to me recently and said that ‘I got the look’, that is always encouraging. Besides that I just want to give my kids a great life. and that is my main focus.

8. What have been the best advice you’ve gotten so far during your career? By whom and why?

Another story (that) I talk about in “The Other Woman” when I got advice from Jay-Z, years ago. Basically he told me to love what I do and not bend when people try to change that. Ever since then, I’ve done just that. Be real and be me. Detailed conversation in my book!

Thank you!

You can cop “The Other Woman” book by Amina on AMAZON

and her latest EP “Music In My Room” on iTunes.

For tour dates, follow her on Instagram or Twitter @AminaBuddafly.

Visit her official website:

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