Virtual Reality Blind Date? The Future of Falling in Love?

We’ve met up with the CEO of The League, a Standford Grad, according to Business Insiders Australia, Amanda Bradford raised $2.1M for the dating app. Held at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, was a virtual reality event, “Love Without Limits“, the invitation reads

Experience Leagueworld, the first dating destination where you can love without limits. We provide meticulously crafted and artfully designed platforms offering unparalleled, immersive experiences. Finding people you connect with on a deeper level is the norm, not the exception.
Date free of rules, boundaries or judgements. No preference is taboo. A world where our machines will match you with 99.9999% compatibility and first dates happen IVR rather than IRL. Here, personality compatibility is a pre-requisite, rather than something determined after the fact. Throw timing issues out the window because in this world everyone you meet has identical intentions. Finding your soulmate is a given, not wishful thinking, and the search is not only easy, but exhilarating.



Here’s what the Insider had to say about the App:

You can probably guess from the name that The League is a dating app with an unashamedly elitist bent. When you visit its homepage, it screams at you in big, block-capitals “ARE YOU TOLD YOUR STANDARDS ARE TOO HIGH? Keep them that way.”

There’s a clear message. If you’re bright and beautiful you should forget Tinder and Bumble, and instead stick with your own kind on The League.

Oh, and did I mention you have to be vetted in order to sign up?

But even in cities as large and cosmopolitan as New York, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, the pool of potential high-caliber mates can be shallow. Which is why this Valentine’s Day, The League will be throwing VR blind date parties in several US cities, allowing you to meet that someone special, even if they’re a transcontinental red-eye away.

The parties are taking place this Friday, Monday, and Tuesday at select W hotels. This Friday, it’s San Francisco and Los Angeles. Then, on Monday, it’s Boston and DC’s turn, followed by Chicago and New York on Tuesday.

The League calls these events ‘Love Without Limits,’ are they being run with the support of Oculus Rift and River Studios. According to League founder and CEO Amanda Bradford, “First dates are often a huge waste of time for everyone involved”

“With virtual reality, you can see their mannerisms and appearance over video, hear their voice over headphones, and then, to top it all off, solve games and challenges together that can gauge personality compatibility to a high degree of accuracy.”

Well, almost.

Remember, both you and the person on the other end of the call will be wearing an Oculus Rift headset, obscuring most of the top-half of their face. I imagine that many people – with perhaps the exception of those with the hots for Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Geordi La Forge – will find that a bit off-putting.

Love Without Limits doesn’t look set to be a one-time thing. The company plans to launch a virtual-reality dating platform called LeagueWorld, which is currently under development, and will be supported by both the Oculus and Vive platforms. There’s no word on how much this will cost, or when it’ll launch, but The League has suggested that it’ll be an add-on for its premium customers.

( Source: THE INSIDER )

Video Interview by Dave Pope.
Excerpts Article by Matthew Hughes from the Insider.
Photographed by Ashley Batz.

Written by | David Pope

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