Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2s are hard to get. If you’re looking to buy them on the resale market, you might spend almost $1000 on a pair. But what’s even more difficult to get than a pair of your standard Kanye West sneakers are IKEA-themed ones.

Yes. IKEA Yeezys.

Dan “Mache” Gamache is responsible for this creation. After his cream white Yeezys got damaged, he decided to transform these into the ultimate Swedish sneakers never before seen in any shoe or furniture store. They’re colored in all blue, save for the yellow stripe where the iconic IKEA letters are placed.

Instagram user @brucehatoo made a mockup of these before Gamache turned them into reality, complete with a familiar IKEA user guide.

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This is an odd combination to be sure, but there’s something about these that are so perfect. Maybe it’s the brightness of the IKEA blue or the welcoming feeling of entering the store just knowing you’re going to buy something you sure as hell weren’t expecting to buy, but it doesn’t matter. I need these shoes.

I don’t even want custom-made real Yeezys. I want a pair of knockoff Yeezys that are custom made to look like these. And I want to go to IKEA in these like in the video and get myself a new desk or maybe just a hot dog with the change in my pocket. This is next-level IKEA stanning and I am here for it.

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