Folding bike enthusiasts were so excited with the launch of the Helix as it was promised to be the world’s best folding bike without breaking the bank. I didn’t back the Kickstarter project but I’d love purchase one right now at full price. There are a lot of promising features like the titanium frame, bigger wheels, and a small folded size that could fit in a suitcase. However, I’m so disappointed as the release date kept being delayed.

Helix is a revolutionary new folding bike that is smaller, lighter, safer and easier to use than any other folding bike in the world.

It has big wheels so it looks, rides and feels like a normal bike, but can fold incredibly small.

You can store it under your desk, take it on the subway, put it in the trunk of your car or pack it in a suitcase — Helix is so compact it can fit almost anywhere.

Helix has a titanium frame, high end components and is designed around the latest bicycle technology. It will be made in Toronto, Canada.

Helix opens up a world of cycling opportunities. It will change the way you commute, travel and live with your bicycle.

There are now available at



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