We are huge fans of coworking spaces they aren’t for everyone. Maybe you just want a cool spot to park in between meetings our to meet clients. Below are a few of my favorite spots to work at in NYC, maybe I’ll see you there sometime.

The Marlton Hotel: I cannot believe I’m actually telling you this but the Marlton is my all time favorite place to work. It has a cozy fireplace, is dog friendly (I aspire to have a dog to bring) and the staff is incredible (shout out to DeMarcus!). Oh, and the food and drink is on-point without being too hotel expensive. Plus it’s one of the coolest places to spot celebrities (like you needed another reason to work there).


Photo Courtesy Marlton Hotel

Tom’s Elizabeth Street: Yep, the incredible shoe company that has a 1 for 1 mission also has a sexy little porch area in the back of their store that is the ideal spot to spend the day kinda outside but also warm. With a tented porch and heat lamps it’s the ideal spot to grab coffee at their cafe in the front and perch up in the back. Feels a bit like “glamping.”


Photo courtesy of Racked

11 Howard Hotel Library: Another chic but hidden hotel that has an incredible library to make yourself comfortable for the day. The wifi is great and the people watching is glamourous. And if you are lucky you’ll even get work done.


Image courtesy of 11 Howard


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