In 1972, an Oscars audience gave Charlie Chaplin a 12-minute standing ovation, its longest ever.

In 1975, Queen Elizabeth II knighted him Commander of the British Empire.

And in 2016, his highest accolade yet: the appropriately named Chaplin’s World opened in Switzerland.

To be fair, Manoir de Ban would be museum-worthy even if Chaplin hadn’t sold his Beverly Hills home, renovated the neoclassical-style 19th-century estate that overlooks Lake Geneva and lived in it for 25 years. But he did. So there’s a serious amount of brilliance to be absorbed here.

It’ll happen while touring the expansive quarters. (Here’s the library where he wrote scripts, here’s the living room where he threw parties…) It’ll happen when pantomiming in the new Hollywood-style studio that houses wax figures connected to his life. (Here’s Albert Einstein, here’s Winston Churchill, here’s Michael Jackson…)

And it’ll even happen when dining at the on-site restaurant, the Tramp. (Here’s the charcuterie, here’s the Campari…)

Then stop by the boutique to pick up a cane and a hat before heading to your hotel, which should probably be the nearby Modern Times. You’re right, that is the name of Chaplin’s 1936 film.

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