Last summer, 23-year-old Zach Both quit his job as an art director at a 3-D-printing startup in Boston and hit the road to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker, living and working out of a van that he bought on Craigslist and renovated before heading to Los Angeles.

Both had his lifestyle epiphany after seeing a video of professional rock climber and van-dweller Alex Honnold. “Before seeing the video, the thought of living and traveling in a van had not occurred to me,” Both told me in an email. “This wasn’t some life-long dream of mine that I had been planning for years.”

Two weeks later, he bought a 10-year-old used Chevy cargo van for about $4,000. He worked on the renovation for the next 10 months, with carpentry assistance from his father and sewing help from his mother, who helped him tailor a used futon that serves as his bed and couch and made magnetic blackout curtains for the windows.

Written by Kristin Hohenadel

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